The Association CONNECT

The Association was created for the following purposes:

  • To have a legal and recognized entity.

  • To have a postal address (in Blonay, Vaud, Switzerland).

  • To be able to open a bank/postal account for the FundRaising / Crowdfunding etc...

  • To be registered in the tax office (Registration done in Octobre 2019 in the Canton Vaud).

  • To have volunteers and offer them a recognized attestation if required.

  • To function and get the benefits for Non-Profits (Google for NonProfit, and other companies Non-Profit conditions and advantages).

  • To have more credibility for the Crowdfunding / Sponsors / Partners



The CONNECT-Team though the years

June 2019 through December 2021

The Team

The Team - April 2022

The Association CONNECT reviews

Review 2021

CONNECT - Review 2021

Review 2020

CONNECT - Review 2019-2020

At this point we are searching founds to cover the costs that the digital platform will need, such as:

  • Website Domain

  • Bank account fees

  • Renting of server space

  • Digital Safety services

  • Translation system (if needed)

  • Algorithm system

  • Future Salaries (accountant, developers, design, psychologists...long term once the App is up and running)

The App creation though the years

First logo and first prototype
July 2019

First App map

Prototype in ProtoIO by Karin

First Crowdfunding


Logo designed by Juliana

Survey done by Juliana and Karin

April 2020

First Wireframes designed

Prototype in Figma by Juliana

Various Team workshops

leaded by UX-Team

July - Oct. - Nov. 2020

Many MANY trials, design, suggestions, Workshops, Zoom meetings... done by Stephanie, Nagore and Juliana


Creation of content in English and French plus it's proofreading.

With the help of María, Gysele, Ielyzaveta, Zsuzsanna, Lara, Elie, Isabelle, Chiara, Hanna, Profira, Justine, Pauline, Beatrice, Mirjam, Erika and Karin

2020 - 2021


Onboarding screans developed
by Anas on Flutter !!! :-)

February 2021


General Conditions and Terms under development

By Marina, Maude, Lisa and Lionel

Through 2021


First App Testing through Figma/Zoom

By Stephanie and Profira

July 2021


First presential mini-team-meeting

January 2022


Development is ongoing by Lhoussaine on Flutter!
It's taking shape :-)

since January 2022


Big steps forward in the Design in Figma by Juliana, Lenka and Nagore !

February - May 2022