Our goal

CONNECT Association is the creator of an interactive digital platform, empowering the community with the promotion of emotional and mental strength.

By strengthening the resilience of the population and thus limit burnout or depression, App-CONNECT plays an important role in the prevention of mental disorders.

The association volunteers' ambition since 2019 is to support people to feel less lonely and reinforce mental strength through the mobile app we are creating.

Any support is more than welcome!

What is App-CONNECT

with myself

Tools for you to learn about mental wellbeing and deal better with your emotions, to build and maintain a healthy mindset

get support / support others

Its aim is to connect people who are going through similar difficulties, accompanies and helps them to move forward in life and live happier

connect with others

A “safe and anonymous space” for making community, for connecting, interacting and bonding, 24/7, 365 days a year

Why to create

Videos with subtitles

App-CONNECT was inspired from a real-life experience. The founder recognised the profound importance of being connected to and supported by others when facing difficulties in life. Because we all have a past and battles in life, she decided to create an App so that everyone can go through hard times being connected!



By May 2022 - 22 volunteers

App screens

Finishing the design / development is ongoing

UX / Engineering

Figma prototype under development and translation ongoing

Flutter development


General Conditions / Privacy Policies

Under development


Strategy, Taglines, Google for NonProfit


Content for Version 1.0 created, checked and translated EN / FR

Our needs today


. Fundraising specialist

Once the App exists:

. Volunteer willing to get trained to be "helpers" in our Forum.


. Firebase (cloud space rental)

. Cybersecurity

. Data Protection

. Algorithm etc...

To hire futur employees:
- Psychologists

-Developer (maintenance)

-UX ...

Sponsor us


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Account Nummber 15-213642-0


Owner of the account : Association CONNECT

Be part of it !

Please let us know if (and how) you would like to participate in this project !

About us

The Team

The CONNECT - Team by May 2022

The dynamic CONNECT-team is composed of a group of enthusiastic volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Volunteers are psychologists, coaches, teachers, engineers, designers, digital and legal experts and many more.

Nationalities represented in the team since the beginning:

Switzerland - Mexico - Venezuela - Tunisia - Chile - Belgium - Brazil - Morocco - Germany - France - Spain - Poland - Italy - Canada - Romania - Portugal - Ukraine - Hungary - Slovakia - Turkey

Where are our volunteers ?

In the Swiss cantons:
Vaud, Geneva, Fribourg, Soleure, Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Thurgau.

In Mexico, France, Germany and Czech Republic.

CONNECT Association is a Swiss non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization, founded in June 2019.

CONNECT Association
CH-1807 Blonay
: info@app-connect.org

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Find us also in www.benevole-jobs.ch

CONNECT Association registered in Tax Office - Canton Vaud (since Oct. 2019)

Association CONNECT's statuts

We would be very happy to talk with you about a possible future partnership!

Karin Kneubühl
Founder of “CONNECT Association”