Frequent Asked Questions

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What is App-CONNECT ?

Informative content on :

- Personal Growth

- Mind and Body

- Family

- Work

- Social Interactions

- Life Challenges

Own space :

- Daily encouraging quotes (coming soon)

- Mood check

- Toolbox (coming soon)

- Emergency numbers

Anonymous forum for :

- Sharing

- Empathy

- Encouraging others

- Receiving encouragement (by Helpers and the Community)

- Part of a supporting community

- Stop isolation

Easily accessible

Free of charge

Anonymous 24 / 7 / 365

We wishes to offer a prevention tool that helps to build mental strength and resilience.


This project has taken on all the more meaning with the Covid-19 pandemic

Anxiety climate...


Loss of landmarks...

All this resulted with:

Our survey showed us

More Frequent Asked Questions - FAQ

What is CONNECT?  

CONNECT Association is a Swiss non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization, founded in 2019. 

Why does CONNECT exist?

CONNECT Association creates an interactive digital platform to empower its community with the promotion of emotional and mental health. By strengthening people’s resilience and thus limit burnout or depression, App-CONNECT will play an important role in the prevention of mental disorders. 

Who is behind CONNECT Association?

The dynamic CONNECT team is composed of a group of enthusiastic volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Volunteers are psychologists, coaches, teachers, engineers, designers, digital and legal experts and many more.

Where does the idea of App-CONNECT come from?  

App-CONNECT was inspired from a real-life experience. The founder recognised the profound importance of being connected to and supported by others when facing difficulties in life. Because we all have a past and battles in life, she decided to create an App so that everyone can go through hard times being connected!

What is App-CONNECT about?

App-CONNECT will offer tools for people to learn about mental well-being and to better deal with their emotions. It will provide up-to-date content as small courses on a large diversity of topics to feed general human needs and prevention factors. Through the various courses on numerous topics App-CONNECT will supply information, specific techniques and exercises for the user to build and maintain a healthy mindset.

It will also be a virtual place of support, inspiration and encouragement for the users. A virtual place to share with other users.

What does App-CONNECT want to achieve?

App-CONNECT aims to offer a “safe and anonymous space” for making community, for connecting, interacting and bonding. Its aim is to connect people who are going through similar difficulties, accompanies and helps them to move forward in life and live happier. Hence, App-CONNECT aims to promote mental and emotional strength in the community.

What can App-CONNECT help with?

App-CONNECT will be a digital platform promoting emotional and mental health. It will facilitate finding resources, information, articles, links and advice on topics like how to manage stress, how to be happy with yourself, how to build self-esteem, how to deal with loneliness, etc. 

It will also be a forum for sharing, a space for giving, receiving encouragement and support. App-CONNECT therefore will be an actor of prevention, helping to find life balance before developing a critical situation, or a severe emotional disorder.

What App-CONNECT cannot help with?

App-CONNECT is NOT designed to assist with mental health issues and crises. No medical advice, no treatment, no therapy, no diagnosis will be given on this App nor be done through the App. App-CONNECT does not give any advice (medical or professional) on therapies, treatment or others, but redirects people in need to healthcare professionals, therapists, clinics, hospitals, emergency call centers, etc. 

What will make the concept so successful?

The content of App-CONNECT is based on scientific findings. It will be one of the first App that will offer complex and complete mental training to the user, promoting mental strength and strengthening resilience. There are many Apps designed to help train the body and stay fit physically. But our mental health is as important as physical health, so how do we keep our minds fit? App-CONNECT will offer exactly that, it trains our minds to keep FIT and healthy! 

Why may you need App-CONNECT?

App-CONNECT will be like your mental fitness room. We all experience periods of hard times and it is normal to feel worried, stressed, sad, angry sometimes. App-CONNECT will enable you to build more resilience to better cope with everyday difficulties, to feel in control and to be confident. It will help you to manage and express your emotions, to feel good about yourself, to build and maintain better relationships and much more. 

How can you support CONNECT? 

Become a volunteer, sponsor or donate. 

Please contact us:   

How to follow us ?

If you would like to follow us in social media or to support us, find all the links here:

How can you ask more questions?  

If your question is not answered here, the best thing to do is to e-mail us at