Our growth plan

App-CONNECT is meant to grow

The CONNECT-Team wants to developed through the years a bigger application, more features to support and help us in our live crises. 

Here you may find a glimpse of our plan for the future.

Our growth plan 


Informative content on :

- Personal Growth (more content)

- Mind and Body (more content)

- Family

- Work (more content)

- Social Interactions

- Life Challenges


Own space :

- Daily encouraging quotes (coming soon)

- Mood check (more features)

- Chatbot Conny (coming soon)

- Toolbox (coming soon)

- Emergency numbers (more) 


Anonymous forum :

- Sharing, Give and receive empathy and encouragement

- Create a team of Helpers who will be trained to chat, listen and encourage users (coming soon)

App-CONNECT's vision map since 2019

Personal chatbot

Daily motivation


CONNECT Myself + start a community

A friendly App with valuable content and information on preventive factor topics


Starting building a community

App-CONNECT Academy

Train “helpers” + Prove the concept

To build a great and easy to use web platform for training, in order to build a strong team of “helpers” who will interact in the App with “users” via Chat and Forum.

Or to partner with an existing school / organization.


CONNECT Community

The “App-CONNECT - Academy” graduates will animate and supervise the Forum/Forum groups, with the guidance of the psychologists. To offer 24/7 coverage of “helpers” attention and encouragement for “users”. Also via Chats.

Forum's development