The App-CONNECT creation and evolution

App-CONNECT was inspired from my real-life experience. After overcoming I recognised the profound importance of being connected to and supported by others when facing difficulties in life. 

In May 2019, a vision emerged: that of a mobile application where we could all connect, show empathy, and encourage each other. I conducted in-depth research and developed a detailed plan.

In June 2019, my husband and I founded CONNECT, a Swiss non-profit association. That was the starting point. I then created the first prototype on ProtoIO, conceptual presentations, a promotional video, a website, and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Hé

In February 2020, I posted advertisements on, and that's how other volunteers specialized in various fields joined our team.

Since then, we have all been working voluntarily, each in their area of expertise, to develop this application. In January 2022, I had my very first in-person meeting with a team member, a significant moment.

Our CONNECT team is dynamic and international, and it has been composed of more than 40 enthusiastic volunteers from diverse backgrounds since 2019. Our volunteers include psychologists, coaches, teachers, engineers, designers, digital and legal experts, and many more.

We were strangers before this great adventure, but we all share the same desire to see this project come to life and offer an application capable of combating isolation, loneliness and promote emotional and mental health. Thanks to the commitment of each specialist, we were able to create a mobile application that is both beautiful and professional.

Countless hours of work have been invested by the entire team, and I say THANK YOU!

At the beginning of 2023, we completed the development of the application, conducted final tests... It's an achievement we are proud of.

Launch of App-CONNECT  -  July 6, 2023

Thanks again to the amazing team at CONNECT Association!!! Karin

In image

Creation of CONNECT Association in order to  make the App-CONNECT project,
by Karin and Alejandro.

June 2019

First logo and first prototype
by Karin.

July 2019

First App map, Prototype in Proto-IO
by Karin.

October 2020

Searching for developpers, requestion quotes... by Karin.

November 2019

First concept, publicity, etc.. by Karin.
First video by Alejandro.

January 2020

First Crowdfunding
in by Karin.

February 2020

First volunteers joining the TEAM
Logo designed by Juliana.

March 2020

Survey worldwide
by Juliana and Karin.

April 2020

First Wireframes designed
Prototype in Figma by Juliana.

June 2020

Various new Team members
Several UX workshops with the team.

July - Oct. - Nov. 2020

MANY trials, design, suggestions, Workshops, Zoom meetings... by UX-Team Stephanie, Nagore and Juliana.

Troughout 2020

Content creation in EN and FR + proofreading by María, Gysele, Ielyzaveta, Zsuzsanna, Lara, Elie, Isabelle, Chiara, Hanna, Profira,  Justine, Pauline, Beatrice, Mirjam, Erika and Karin.

2020 - 2021

Onboarding screans developed
by Anas on Flutter.

February 2021

General Conditions and Terms under development by Marina, Maude, Lisa and Lionel.

Through 2021

First App Testing through Figma/Zoom to get feedback from future users,
by Stephanie and Profira.

July 2021

First presential meeting with Céline (Marketing).

January 2022

Development in Flutter
by Lhoussaine .
It's taking shape :-)

since January 2022

Big steps forward in the Design in Figma by Juliana, Lenka and Nagore.

February - May 2022

Justine's Internship has been validated. Congratualtions Justine.

February 2022

Roadmap and work items created
by Nefiye. 

since February 2022

Great work on App development done by Lhoussaine.

since January 2022

Mood check-in fine tuning by UX-team. Beautiful Juliana and Lenka.

June 2022

Presential meeting with Marina (Legal). It's so nice getting to know each other without a screen in between.

October 2022

Translation and proofreading in DE
by Susanne, Katrijn, Sabrina and Karin.

November 2022 through March 2023

Presential meeting with Nefiye (Project Manager).

November 2022

Presential meeting with Isabelle (Psychologist)

January 2023

Presential meeting with María (Psychologist)

March 2023

The team is testing on Androïd.
Corrections and ajustments.

March - Juin 2023

Presential meeting with Stephanie (UX-Design)

April 2023

Presential meeting with Juliana (UX-Design)

April 2023

The team is testing the App on IPhone 

May - June 2023

App-CONNECT in PlayStore and AppStore !!!

Juin 2023

Pre-launch tests

June-July 2023

on YouTube

July 6th 2023

Presential meeting with Justine (Psychologist)

October 2023


November 18th 2023

The beautiful design by our wonderful Designer