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 Our partners and volunteers

Meaningful and emotive brand design for those who are creating a positive
change in the world.

Juliana Bravin offers us her fabulous work with great professionalism. She is our UX-Design Team leader and she has create the beautiful design of App-CONNECT.

Thank you very much !


Psychologue FSP, Psychologue de la Santé, Dre en Psychologie, j'ai à cœur d'être à l'écoute des personnes qui s'adressent à moi. J'offre un espace d'écoute bienveillante avec le respect des règles déontologiques et éthiques. Mes consultations psychologiques peuvent avoir lieu en ligne ou en cabinet.

Je suis également praticienne en soins énergétiques - magnétisme (en cabinet) sur Aubonne et Genève.

The psychologist Isabelle offers her knowledge and experience for the App, to guide, advise, proofread and test.

Thank you so much Isbelle!



Marina Cornu 


Médiatrice et juriste

Marina offers her knowledge and experience for the App, for all legal matters, answering many questions, guiding the team and creating the General Conditions and Privacy Politics.

Thank you very much Marina!

After graduating from “Babes - Bolyai” University in Cluj- Napoca, Romania, Profira worked for several years as a teacher. Three years ago, she started to study software development, becoming a front-end developer. To advance her performance, she completed her studies by learning front-end-specific frameworks and preprocessors (React and Angular, Bootstrap, SASS), web design & style, and manual testing. Her interest is centred on graphical design, typography, and how to effectively organize and communicate through visual information. In addition to technical skills, she has excellent problem-solving skills and flexibility due to the changing technologies and frameworks. 

Profira offers her knowledge and experience for the App, creating content, user testing, many tips to improve, etc.

Thank you so much Profira! 





Lhoussaine has developed App-CONNECT as developer in Flutter, dicember 2021.
He has done an amazing and huge work programming all the app, guiding us offering his services and advices on a voluntary basis with great enthusiasm, motivation and professionalism.

Thank you so much Lhoussaine !

With www.app-connect.org and www.idak.online I aim to help people overcome life's challenges with greater resilience and be happier with themselves. 

By creating tools to promote emotional and mental strength, helping to clarify one's true identity, developing a better self-esteem and building one's future self more easily.

Author/Founder Karin Kneubühl


Graduated in Psychology (2017). Master in Child and Adolescent Psychology at the University of Lausanne (2020). Research on mental health, projective tests and HEXACO.

The psychologist María offered us during several months her knowledge and her experience to create the best content for the App, to guide and advise us.

Thank you so much María!


Anas Ibrahim studied computer science at EPFL university.

During his studies, he helped App-CONNECT as developer in Flutter, at the begining of the project.
He offered us his services and advices on a voluntary basis with great enthusiasm, motivation and professionalism during almost 2 years.

Thank you very much Anas !




Alejandro Chavez with CIMS offers us great support for planning, budget, research and developer analysis for the project.

Thank you very much !


Ads platform

benevol-jobs.ch offers us a simple and effective solution to find volunteers according to their know-how, their skills and their availability.

Thank you very much !



Creative Video Production Agency 

A team of creative enthusiasts, helping brands & startups to create their customized promotional videos.

Thank you very much for creating a new video for the promotion in AppStore and PlayStore.

Canva’s premium features for free 

We are so thankful for Canva's generosity for non-profits and we are happy to be able to enjoy all design tools and the easy way to create high-impact social media graphics and marketing materials ! 

Thank you so much Canva.com



idak.online is a partner creation of App-CONNECT.

Workbooks to reignite your zest for life. 


Website creator/admin.

Key partner for the websites' creation of App-CONNECT and the CONNECT volunteers website.

By Karin



 Our sponsors

Vivian is a sponsor of the App-CONNECT.

He is an ideator and has many ideas for cultural projects. Ex: when will an artobus a festival in Switzerland artchapelles (as in Brittain for 20 years), an art library in Lausanne see motion art library in Geneva, etc.

Thank you very much Vivian ! 


Jasmine et Pascal


Jasmine and Pascal are sponsors of the App-CONNECT.

Thank you very much Jasmine and Pascal for believing in the project since the beginning !


Lotti et Hans


Lotti and Hans are sponsors of the App-CONNECT.

Thank you very much Lotti and Hans for believing in the project since the beginning !



Regina is sponsor of the App-CONNECT.

Thank you very much Regina for believing in the project since the beginning !









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